What Stop Smoking Specialist May Not Tell You

What Stop Smoking Specialists deal with on daily basis?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, and my clients love the service they receive. And I am not complaining, rather entertained by some humans. One of my specialties is Stop Smoking Hypnosis. I get contacted by people that wish to stop smoking daily. I am sharing with you something that probably no other hypnotist will share. I hope that this silly post will entertain you, but also, I hope that it will help you to reflect and possibly rethink some of your own behaviors. Possibly, this post will help you to spot the areas where you are sabotaging yourself.

Caller: Are you covered by insurance?

Me: No. Just like your cigarettes.

Caller: Can I pay with HSA?

Me: Is that how you pay for your cigarettes?


Caller: It’s too much.

Me: Not as much as you have already spent on your cigarettes.


Caller: I don’t have money.

Me: How do you buy your cigarettes?


Caller: Can you give me a discount?

Me: Which part of hypnosis you would like me to remove?


Caller: Can you hypnotize a married couple for the price of one?

Me: Which one of you is not worthy of getting a full-price service? (now you need a divorce attorney, not a hypnotist)


Caller: I am very strong-willed, and hypnosis won’t work on me.

Me: Why are you still smoking?


Caller: Once you are a smoker you are always a smoker.

Me: You were a nonsmoker before you even considered smoking. You were born this way.


Caller: I am afraid to stop smoking.

Me: If I were you I would be afraid to not stop.


Caller: I have to think about it.

Me: After 45 years of smoking, you may not have any time to think.


Caller: I’ll call you back.

Me: I’ll blacklist you. You can only waste my time once.

Would you like a morning or evening appointment? (works every time!)


Caller: You are mean.

Me: Is that why you smoke? to deal with mean people… because you are not mature enough to deal with them in any other way? (whole life paradigm shifts)

Hypnosis is the easiest and most effective way known to this day to quit smoking. 

With hypnosis, we can eliminate cravings, minimize tobacco withdrawal symptoms, and make the whole process much easier for you.

Hypnosis is equally effective for quitting smoking cigarettes, vapor/electronic cigarettes, and chewing tobacco.

Lack of commitment, unwillingness to take responsibility for your choices and actions, a habit of making up excuses and blaming others for your troubles is sure way to a failure. No amount of hypnosis can fix that.

To quit smoking for good, you must take full responsibility for your success. But again, it’s just like with anything else in life…