Practical Manual to Past Life Regression: Step by Step Guide & Hypnosis Scripts for Your Metaphysical Practice

Kindle: $9.99

Paperback: $24.99

Blacklist Journal: Workbook for evaluating your relationships

Designed to help you evaluate your relationships and, through mindful reflection and analysis, understand if it's time to end some of them.

Paperback: $8.48

Dreams, Omens, and Premonitions Journal

Designed to help you develop intuition and psychic abilities that we all naturally have. We all receive guidance from our own Higher Self, Guardians, Ancestors, Nature, the Universe itself. This is a non-stop communication. We just need to learn to decode and understand the signs and the messages we receive.

Paperback: $9.99

Hypnotherapist Log Book: Client's Phone Intake & Appointment Record

Keep all your client's record in one place. 2-pages layout for each client

Paperback: $9.99

Sweetest Baby Daily Routine Tracker Journal: Newborn Log Book

Newborn's daily record keeping log book. Makes it easy to coordinate baby's routine between both parents and other infant care helpers. Perfect gift for new parents.

Sleep, nursing, feeding, diaper change, vitamins/medicine, bath, tummy time, play.

Paperback: $9.99

Magical Dreamland: Hypnotic Night Story

Written in hypnotic language that is designed to help your child relax and sleep better. It will trigger positive changes on the subconscious level and will wire your child’s mind for successful life. All you need to do is to read this story just like you would read any bedtime story.

Paperback: $9.99

Therapy Phone Intake Book: Patient Intake Form

1-pages layout for each client: name, contact info, goal, referral, appointment time, in person or online session, location, Insurance, fee, and payment.

Paperback: $9.99

Tarot Journal: Record and track the accuracy of your Tarot readings

Designed for recording your Tarot readings and tracking the accuracy of interpretation.

1-page layout for each entry: time, date, deck, question, interpretation, measures taken if any, follow-up date, what really happened, patterns recognized, conclusion.

Paperback: $9.99

Daily Gratitude Workbook: 1-Month Journal Prompts for Training Positive Mindset Through Intentional Expression of Gratitude

Designed to help you practice mindfulness and create more positive outlook. By intentional daily practice, we can change our brain's neuro-network which leads to forming new beneficial habits and forming a positive mindset. 1-month - 31-days day-by-day workbook with prompts for daily inner reflection and gratitude.

Paperback: $8.99

Anosmia Protocol for Hypnotherapists

Kindle: $7.99

Paperback: $15.99